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PubNub for Social & Lifestyle

Quickly add interactive real-time features that maximize user engagement and retention.
EDA Whitepaper-Gaming Industry

A Comprehensive Guide to Event-Driven Systems for Gaming

This white paper will help teams gain a better understanding of the EDA landscape for the gaming industry.
EDA Whitepaper-Live Events Industry

A Guide to Event-Driven Systems for Live Event Applications

See how developers can create a true real-time digital experience by leveraging event-driven architecture (EDA).

Building Full-Featured Chat Applications with Less Code

Learn about how PubNub enables you to build fully-featured chat apps with less time, and less code.

A Comprehensive Guide to Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

Download our comprehensive guide to learn the fundamentals of EDA and considerations to keep in mind during the development process for quicker deployment.
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Event-Driven Architecture Checklist

Integrating EDA requires careful planning and execution. Ensure you're choosing the right provider with our checklist.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Real-Time Technology Stack

What works in the lab doesn’t always work in the wild.

Capture Important Real-Time Data with Events & Actions

Learn about the release of our new Events & Actions feature that addresses the challenge of capturing and reacting to critical events generated by users.

Save Time Building with PubNub React Native Chat Components

Join our Product Marketing Manager, Lukasz Smacki, Developer Advocate, Darryn Campbell, and Senior Software Engineer, Przemysław Janowski, to hear more about the release of our new React Native Chat Components.