The Programmable Data Stream Network

Low-latency messaging. Massive scale. Ready for the real world.

Built as a Network

The PubNub Data Stream Network connects 15 globally redundant points of presence into a single network capable of handling hundreds of millions of simultaneous device connections and relaying trillions of messages. The Data Stream Network architecture was built as a network – not as a single PoP “cloud” solution – allowing PubNub to deliver unmatched speed, reliability, and scalability.

Highest Reliability

Guaranteed uptime with a 99.999% SLA available.

Massive Scalability

15 globally replicated points of presence transacting over 1.5 trillion messages for 300 million unique devices per month.

Easy to Code

Get started in minutes with 70+ SDKs & simple APIs for browser, mobile, server & embedded.

Enterprise Security

End to end encryption, no open inbound ports, and robust token-based access control.

Durable Messaging

Message caching and catch-up, even in unreliable networking environments.

Realtime Communication APIs

If it needs to communicate in realtime, you can power it with PubNub’s realtime communication APIs. The APIs are incredibly simple to use – they just work.

Realtime Messaging

Send and receive messages in under 0.25 seconds worldwide.

Serverless Compute

Embed your app logic directly in the network with PubNub Functions.

State Monitoring

Monitor users and devices in realtime to know who is online and offline and track device states.

Access Manager

Token-based access management for fine-grain control over read/write privileges.

Security & Encryption

Robust encryption options for end to end security.

Programmable Data Streams

The future of building realtime apps lies in implementing business logic inside the network to create features without building extra infrastructure. PubNub Functions make building common realtime features incredibly simple by bringing lightning-fast computation to the network.

For everything from natural language processing to 3rd party API integrations, geofencing, dynamic message routing and filtering, and much more, PubNub Functions deliver simple solutions for powerful features.

Enterprise-Ready Security

Realtime data streams can be a major point of vulnerability in both consumer apps and IoT devices. PubNub is built from the ground up with security in mind, offering strong encryption standards as well as robust access control. We’ve passed scores of security reviews by the industry’s most stringent companies and are prepared to help you future-proof your realtime application’s security.

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