smartSense Solutions

smartSense Solutions is a product design and engineering company leveraging emerging technology like Blockchain, Data Science, IoT, Real-Time Streaming, and Cloud computing, headquartered in Gandhinagar, India. smartSense customer base ranges from innovative startups solving the core problems to the largest enterprises across the 20 countries with a focus on the US, EU, AUS/NZ, and Canada.Connectivity is key while building Real-time messaging products, IoT Products, and Web RTC Based product leveraging XMPP, MQTT, and Core WebRTC. To achieve this, we design and build hardware products with embedded software, mobile application, web application, and cloud monitoring integrating all the components. As the hardware and software are being built by one team, it results in the benefit of customers and other stack holders of the product. When entrepreneurs need a robust team to work on the tough problem or to build enterprise-grade digital products and the team they can trust on to deliver good quality, scalable, on time, and on budget products, they call smartSense.

smartSense can use PubNub to build a secure, scalable, and connected solution like Alerts and Push Notification Service, Chat Application, Pub-Sub events, etc. which can easily bed delivered with a simple UI.