Message Delivery Guarantees

Track messages with read receipts. Recover from connection issues automatically. Receive messages in the order they were sent.
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Read Receipts and Message Tracking

PubNub messages support flexible metadata through Message Actions, allowing you propagate updates to all recipients.

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Show Read Receipts (double green checkmarks) similar to other messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram

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Full customization of the appearance and behavior of read receipts

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Guaranteed message delivery

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Support for other receipts such as ‘sent’ and ‘delivered but not read'

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Track and audit messages throughout every stage of their journey, even if the user chooses to hide receipts

PubNub's Message Delivery Guarantees

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PubNub automatically handles Network Interruptions

Our automatic reconnection process is designed to handle brief network interruptions like driving through a tunnel, switching from WiFi to cellular, etc.

Every channel has its own dedicated message queue, which acts as a temporary buffer so clients can catch up automatically once they regain network connectivity. By default, each queue will hold a hundred messages for up to 20 minutes, but these values can be extended to thousands of messages per second for as long as needed, catering to even the most unreliable connection.

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PubNub offers unlimited long-term storage

Enjoy unrestricted storage of both files and messages, allowing you to fetch historical data instantly regardless of how long it has been stored.  With vast amounts of data being stored, management of that storage is important - easy to do using PubNub’s flexible APIs.

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PubNub has Ordered Message Queues

Every queued message has a serial identifier that uniquely locates that message within the queue, allowing us to guarantee message ordering on the server. Further, clients can define their own order sequence number (‘seqn’), received at all subscribers to provide full end-to-end message ordering.

As solutions scale, so will the number of message queues, but PubNub’s sophisticated Routing Mesh ensures subscribe API calls will always be directed to the correct backend container; this means we can guarantee that the correct message queue is ready in memory for the subscribing client, boosting performance.

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PubNub will Bundle Transactions together, Reducing your Costs

Every time you make an API request with PubNub, for example, if you receive data from a channel subscription or retrieve messages from our persistent storage, we will compress and bundle those responses together without impacting performance.  

Since our transactions are billed in 2KB chunks, you can effectively combine multiple messages into a single transaction.  At the extreme, with 20-byte messages, you could fit 100 messages into a single transaction, meaning a 100x reduction in costs compared with services which bill per-message.

Global Message Availability & Extreme Durability

Our patented message replication process copies your messages globally to over 70 physical servers distributed across all AWS regions.  This provides:

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Global message replication

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Extremely high message durability and reliability

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Automatically Scale based on your Traffic Volume

We monitor your traffic load in real-time to ensure your application has adequate resources across all AWS regions, regardless of spikes.

How do we achieve this?  Our infrastructure is based on AWS Availability Zones and can scale based on traffic volume on a per-region basis.  This means that we can dynamically scale and adapt to our customer’s individual needs in real-time, regardless of size.

Global Connectivity

PubNub is a global company, but we support local customers at any scale.  Latency is incredibly important for our customers (and yours!), so we focus on network performance

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Users connect to their closest point of presence (PoP) automatically for the smallest possible latency, regardless of your user’s location.

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PoPs synchronize, so all users get a single combined experience.

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Optionally, we can lock data to specific regions for regulatory compliance and performance.

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Under 100 milliseconds delivery worldwide

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99.999% reliability

Export Messages in Real-Time to Kafka, Kinesis, and more

If you need to export your PubNub data, you can do so in real-time using Events and Actions. 

Given a stream of data, you can filter messages to isolate only the data that you want to export, then connect to a growing number of third-party stream endpoints, including Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Amazon SQS, S3, IFTTT, and AMQP.

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Messaging with Speed, Reliability, and Fully Featured APIs

PubNub offers unbeatable speed and reliability

With unique features such as ordered message queues and a sophisticated routing mesh, we ensure messages are delivered quickly, in order, and without loss.  Our patented message replication technology and transaction bundling mean messages are secure and efficiently compressed for rapid delivery.

PubNub scales dynamically with traffic volumes thanks to Kubernetes and AWS Availability Zones, achieving sub-100ms global connectivity.  Additionally, we offer advanced delivery tracking and auditing, allowing for read receipts and delivery confirmation, similar to WhatsApp.  Plus, with the ability to export messages in real time to systems like Kafka and S3, PubNub stands out as the ultimate tool for reliable, fast, and transparent messaging.

PubNub transforms messaging into an extraordinary experience that’s hard to match.

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