What is Unity?

Unity is a powerful, cross-platform engine used to create 2D and 3D environments and is used in more than 50% of the world's video games. Unity also has many applications outside of gaming, such as architecture, automotive, transportation & manufacturing, and filmmaking, where engineers can leverage the power of Unity to model, visualize, and speed up production to generate new ideas and experiences.

Game Developers can interact with the Unity Editor, the platform used to build and interact with games that allows them to visualize and play their game, to customize assets on screen, and set up the fundamental structure of their game. Developers can implement the logic behind this structure in their IDE of choice, using the C# programming language.

Unity Games that are connected online need social features such as in-game chat for players to communicate with players and teammates, friendly competitions with live leaderboard updates and scores, and notifications to update players on missed messages, in-game events, and news about the game. While developers can set up this online infrastructure themselves, online features take time, money, and resources to create, secure, maintain, and update constantly. The resources used in this endeavor could be used instead to add more features to the game itself.

Build Online Features Using PubNub

PubNub can serve as the infrastructure to support these online features for in-app chat, live-leaderboard updates, and notifications to bring players back to their game. Developers can implement features included in PubNub's real-time data API using the PubNub Unity SDK.

  1. Publish: Send updates whenever player input is updated, such as chat updates, emoji reactions, leaderboard scores, files, and other complex metadata.

  2. Subscribe: Receive updates to refresh players' screens.

  3. Presence: Update the online status of players and signal changes to friend lists.

  4. Message Persistence: Display any missed information to offline players once they login and leaderboard score information.

  5. Push Notifications: Notify mobile players who are offline about any missed messages and notify players about new in-game updates, events, and news.

  6. Objects: Store information about your players in one place without the need of setting up or calling your database.

  7. Access Manager: Restrict access for private conversations, chat rooms, special events, and player-restricted content for your players.

  8. Functions: Translate messages, censor inappropriate messages, announce the arrival of new players, and notify other players of mentions.

Learn more in the Unity Developer Path, a guided journey for developers to explore and enhance their Unity games with PubNub.

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Learn How PubNub Enhances Unity Games

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