What are smart notifications?

Smart notifications are advanced systems that deliver timely, relevant, and personalized information across various devices and platforms. They use AI, machine learning and data analytics to enhance notification effectiveness and improve user experience.

Smart Notifications Key Features:

  • Personalization: Tailored content based on user history and behavior

  • Relevance: notifications adjusted to user interests and preferences

  • Timing: Optimized delivery times for higher engagement

  • Actionability: Easy-to-respond 

  • Multichannel Delivery: Consistent notifications across multiple platforms and devices

  • Learning and Improving: Continuous improvement using user feedback and data loops

Benefits of intelligent notifications:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: Increased interaction due to relevant notifications. personalized to the user's habits, location, time zone, and other factors that may influence whether the user appreciates the notification or not.

  • Improved User Experience: Reduced notifications rejections 

  • Increased Retention: Keeps users interested longer

  •  b: Better results from marketing campaigns

  • Reduced noise: message clutter and avoid information overload, as in the case of blind duplicates of the same notification across multiple personal devices (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop).

Smart notifications are a type of Push Notifications

Smart Notifications aims to unify and make coherent all the real-time communications that a user is exposed to in their typical day-to-day. The actual techniques used to do this will necessarily vary in implementation, but a brief example might be by using a user's presence information to intelligently deliver a notification only to the device that the user is currently using, despite that they may be subscribed to the same notification channel on all their devices.

Other names for smart notifications

  1. Intelligent notifications

  2. Adaptive alerts

  3. Contextual notifications

  4. Smart alerts

  5. Personalized notifications

  6. AI-driven notifications

  7. Relevant alerts

  8. Nudges (slang)

  9. Custom alerts

  10. Smart pings

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Push Basics: PubNub Docs

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