Fleet and Vehicle Tracking

Fleet and vehicle tracking is the process of equipping vehicles so they can be tracked and monitored by a remote administrator.  Tracked vehicles can have their location and telemetry streamed to a real-time dashboard so their status can be visualized in real-time. 

Some typical examples are as follows:

Route optimization:

Driving directions can be enhanced with third-party data, such as weather or traffic conditions to optimize routes and journeys.

Service event monitoring:

Monitor fuel consumption, oil levels, vehicle performance, upcoming planned maintenance, or engine alerts.  Knowing the real-time condition of vehicles in the field allows you to be proactive rather than reactive and keep a higher percentage of your vehicles on the road.

Shipping and Logistics:

Today’s global supply chain relies on real-time end-to-end freight tracking from its origin, across oceans in shipping carriers, across continents with trucking or rail companies and finally to the last mile of delivery.

Detect counterfeit goods:

In conjunction with blockchain technology, real-time tracking is used to verify the integrity of all ranges of goods.  Ensure medicine comes from an authentic supplier; Check that fashion clothing is real and validate the source of organic food. 

Driver performance:

Monitor how many miles are driven, driver fatigue, driving efficiency, average speed, or seatbelt usage to ensure safety.

Communication with vehicles on the road:

Drivers and central dispatchers can communicate with live chat, push-to-talk, or streaming.  Use cases for vehicle communication can vary wildly, from police and emergency services to taxi dispatchers or the construction industry. 

Fleet Transportation and Delivery Use Cases

Fleet Transportation and Delivery Use Cases

Real-time GPS fleet tracking for dispatch, provisioning, and preventative maintenance.
How to Create a Real-Time Delivery Application

How to Create a Real-Time Delivery Application

The success of your delivery application will depend on providing real-time updates on vehicle location, delivery time, and delivery status.