Wolfram Alpha: Computational Knowledge

Wolfram Alpha is an incredibly powerful computational knowledge engine that allows users to submit a question, and answers the question with a comprehensive answer, whether it's geography, history, mathematics, earth science and physics.

With the Wolfram Alpha block, you can harness the power of the Wolfram Alpha API in your real-time data streams, allowing users to submit questions and receive answers in real time. You can build Q&A functionality directly into a chat app, collaborative environment, or education app, to name a few.


Check out our Getting Started with Wolfram Alpha and PubNub tutorial to build your first computational knowledge app.

Wolfram block queries API endpoint with message text and publishes a new message on output channel. This new message contains the data returned by Wolfram API.

Wolfram supports different kind of queries like spoken, result, query etc. This can be specified to the block using "api" value in JSON object being published to input channel.


Publish Wolfram query message on input channel. Input Channel: wolfram-channel



Output is received on output channel. Output channel: wolfram-channel-response


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