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Trade4me: Binary Options Autotrading



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Send trading signals that are automatically traded is the first Binary Options Social Trading Website that allows people to automatically copy each other. You can either become a "Copier" and copy the best traders on autopilot, or you can become a "Provider" and let other people copy you (for free or for any price that you choose). Either way, both Copiers and Providers have free unlimited access to our trading API.

The API allows both Copiers and Providers to send trading signals from any device/website/application to the servers which will trade them on your broker account. Therefore, you can automate any trading strategy, Expert Advisor or Indicator you want. If you are a Provider, your signals will also automatically be sent to your Copiers for autotrading on their own broker account as well.

Trade4me: Binary Options Autotrading


This block allows the triggering of Trade4me actions by publishing the event payload to a predefined channel.


Publish message on input channel: trade4me-input with the fields to trigger an event. The asset, direction, expiry and amount fields will be forwarded to trade4me

    "asset": "EUR/USD",
    "direction": "UP",
    "expiry": "15",
    "amount": "20"

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