Tisane Labs NLP - Real-time Text Analysis in 27 Languages

Detect abusive content, sentiment analysis, and tagging/categorization in real time data streams.

The Tisane Labs Natural Language Processing Block analyzes real-time data streams and detects abusive content, reveals not only whether but why the text is positive or negative, and provides extensive grammar tagging and parse tree output in 27 languages.


Before deploying, you must:

  • Sign up for a Tisane Labs account

  • Log on to your account and obtain the API key

  • Login or Register to Admin Portal

    • Select Functions

    • Select your desired App and Keyset

    • Select "Explore Templates" and proceed with selected integration.

  • Add your Tisane API key as "tisaneApiKey" to the PubNub Functions Vault using the My Secrets button in the editor.


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