Neutrino: Profanity Filter

Detect and censor profanity in messages and content

Neutrino's Bad Word Filter API detects bad words, swear words, and profanity in given text, and censors it in a variety of different ways.

The Neutrino Profanity Filter block lets you run the API on real-time chat messages, content submissions, and more. Whenever a user publishes text, large or small, the block processes the text for profanity, and either blocks the publishing of the post, or sensors the specific words. After a certain number of violations, you can also block the user's IP address entirely.


  1. Login or Register to Admin Portal

  2. Select Functions

  3. Select your desired App and Keyset

  4. Select "Explore Templates" and proceed with selected integration.


IP address blocker blocks specific IP addresses from sending any message once the block detects bad words in messages from that address.

This block makes use of Neutrino API for bad words detection. Once it detects bad words in a message, that message is dropped and the IP address is added to Key Value Store. All further messages are blocked from that IP address. This block can be customized further to change the blocking and unblocking logic.

To learn more about neutrino API and getting keys, visit


Publish a message containing a bad word on input channel. Input Channel: ip-address-blocker-channel


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