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Gupshup: Trigger Bot Action

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Connect your automated bots to real-time data streams

Gupshup is an advanced bot and messaging platform. It enables developers to quickly and easily build, test, deploy and manage chat bots across all messaging channels. The PubNub Gupshup block connects your Gupshup bot to real-time data streams, to trigger action based on an input.

Gupshup: Trigger Bot Action


This block allows the triggering of Gupshup bot actions by publishing the event payload to a predefined channel.


Publish message on input channel: gupshup-input with the fields to trigger an event. The message will be forwarded to a gupshup block using the botname field as a destination name.

    "botname": "bar",
    "response-channel": "resp-channel",
    "text": "BLOCKS"

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