Microsoft Azure | Bot Service

Trigger bot action on Azure Bot Service, a managed sevice purpose-build for bot deployment.

Azure Bot Service makes it possible to easily build conversation experiences for your customers. As a managed service purpose-built for bot development, Azure Bot Service enables the development of intelligent, enterprise-grade bots that let you maintain control of your data. Build any type of bot—from a Q&A bot to your own branded virtual assistant. Use a comprehensive, open-source SDK and tools to easily connect your bot across popular channels and devices. Give your bot the ability to speak, listen, and understand your users with native integration of Azure Cognitive Services


  1. Sign-up for a Microsoft Azure account and setup the Bot Service.

  2. Sign-up for a PubNub account, if you don't have one already.

  3. Import the Integration Block into your PubNub account. You can choose to add this to an existing application or create a new one.

  4. Configure the Integration Block module code, connecting it to your Microsoft Azure account:

    1. Create a Secret in PubNub Vault, named AZURE_BOT_SERVICES_DIRECT_LINE_SECRET, with value equal to your Azure Direct Link API Key for this service.

  5. Start the Integration Block module.

  6. Try a test message (you can click on Publish to do this).


This Integration Block is setup to listen to a specific PubNub channel (CHANNEL-to-send-to-AZURE_BOT) but you can configure it to listen to all channels or a subset, using wildcards, e.g. chat.*. Thus, you can route message data sent through PubNub over to an Azure Bot application for cross chat room bot integration, for example. The bot response will be published back on to the channel of the incoming message.

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