Amazon Translate – Natural and fluent language translation

Fast, high-quality, and affordable neural machine translation service

Amazon Translate removes the complexity of building translation capabilities into your applications with a simple API call. This makes it easy to localize an application, or process multilingual data within your existing workflows. The neural translation engine is always learning from new and expanded datasets to produce more accurate and fluent translations for a wide range of use cases.


  1. Login or Register to Admin Portal

  2. Select Functions

  3. Select your desired App and Keyset

  4. Select "Explore Templates" and proceed with selected integration.

  5. Create an account with AWS

  6. Grab the AWS_access_key and AWS_secret_key - you will need these details to complete configuration of this integration

  7. Select this template by using 'Use Template' button

  8. Assign the module and keyset under which the integration should run

  9. Configure AWS_secret_key and AWS_access_key

  10. Confirm the configuration

  11. Review the code and if it looks ok - start the function


This PubNub Functions listens for all chats and allows translation even in private chats.

To trigger translation, event payload should contain 'translate' field in it with following keys:   - location - name of key in event payload, which contain data for translation   - source - code of language from which passed message should be translated   - target - code of language to which passed message should be translated





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