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Stamplay: Trigger API Integration Workflow

Create integration flows to combine APIs and automate tasks
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About Stamplay: Trigger API Integration Workflow

Stamplay is the LEGO for APIs. Chain together and mashup APIs combining them into workflows to create new APIs or automate processes. Stamplay connects to over 80 cloud services and has out of the box APIs for data storage, webhooks, NodeJS runtime, hosting and user management.

The Stamplay block allows you to trigger a workflow based on an event in your realtime data streams sent via PubNub. Your network will be able to trigger workflows and chain together APIs like IBM Watson, Salesforce, AWS, MongoDB, Box or Facebook Messenger. Use cases range from automating process and devops to retrieving data from third party systems and publish the result at the end of the process on a PubNub channel or Slack.

For example, if you have a social media aggregator, and your application automatically monitors a stream of posts for sales opportunities, you can automatically process that data and use the Stamplay block to trigger a workflow that connects email, or even an automatic response, based on the event in the stream of data.

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This block allows the triggering of Stamplay activities events by publishing the event payload to a predefined channel.


Publish message on input channel: stamplay-event with the fields to trigger an event.All fields coming on the channel will be forwarded to Stamplay
    "outbound": {
        "data": 1,
        "intz": 2,