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A Developer's Guide: Creating Engaging Virtual Events with PubNub



A virtual event is defined as any event where participants engage remotely with centrally delivered content.

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PubNub Virtual Events Live Demos

Live Events Chat gives users the ability to participate and express their feelings and opinions live while watching sports, concerts, personal live vlogging, and a myriad of other live-streaming sessions.

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Customer Use Cases

LiveLike uses PubNub to power their audience engagement platform to make remote events feel just as entertaining, communal, and joyous as in-person events.

vFairs leverages PubNub to provide real-time, in-app chat—reliably and at scale—to the attendees of the remote conferences, trade shows, and more hosted on their platform.

PubNub for Live Events

Shared Experiences for Massive Communities.


Learn how PubNub enables virtual events companies to host truly engaging, reliable, and scalable experience through real-time chat, leaderboards, and more

How-To Guides

Virtual events need a chat to keep users engaged, but it's often a challenge to build a chat solution that works at scale

This guide discusses the future of virtual events, and the benefits of hosting your own virtual or hybrid event


This tutorial will guide you through adding chat and Message Reactions to a virtual event application.

PubNub Use Cases

Drive event-based engagement with mass chat, live polling, and programs for halftime and intermission. Enhance program content with stats, ads, offers, and live blogging.


Learn the ins and outs of building events with PubNub

Learn your options about receiving live support during a virtual event

GitHub Links

Virtual Events Chat and Message Reactions application using React.

Resources By PubNub

With the growth of live and hybrid events as a viable and preferred service, real-time interactivity is critical for long-term success

See how developers can create a true real-time digital experience by leveraging event-driven architecture (EDA)

Create scalable apps that enable real-time interactions, without worrying about infrastructure.

Quickly set up your account and get started with an SDK of your choice.

More Virtual Event Learning Resources

Our world likely will remain in a hybrid model well beyond the end of this pandemic, which means we must be providing products and services that allow customers to choose between the real world or virtual world version of the same experience

Agora and PubNub collaborate to amplify the future of real-time engagement

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