PubNub Access Manager

Access Manager provides token-based authorization allowing granular read and write access control at the user/device, channel, or key level.

As soon as Access Manager is enabled, no pub/sub-operations can be done without first explicitly providing an authorization token (auth token) to the PubNub object. If an invalid token is provided, the requesting client will receive a 403 Forbidden Error.

PubNub recognizes any entity with the secret_key for the given API key set as a security authority; a recognized security authority is able to grant or revoke permissions on any token, as well as configure TTLs (time to live) for tokens to expire. A client should never be in possession of the secret_key.

Tokens can be any string of your choosing, allowing simple integration with any existing authentication system, including OAuth (e.g. Facebook, Google, GitHub, etc.), LDAP, or other homegrown solutions.

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