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SMS and PubNub

Over two decades old, SMS has hit its limits when it comes to capability and functionality. However, it’s not completely dead.

Messaging applications of the future have transcended SMS, but have not abandoned it completely. When it comes to highly interactive, incredibly fast messaging, SMS simply can’t keep up. PubNub provides APIs and a network that takes messaging to the next level, while still providing integrations for cases where you need SMS.

Why SMS and PubNub

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Super Fast and Incredibly Flexible

While SMS is plagued by high latency and lack of flexibility, PubNub provides an open, fast, and lightweight messaging service for sending and receiving messages in real time. And even better, PubNub works seamlessly between web, iOS and Android, so all users get real-time messaging.
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Plays Nice with SMS

SMS still plays a big part in messaging, so PubNub provides a number of integrations to use SMS when it makes sense. With a variety of SMS PubNub Functions, you can trigger SMS messages to send based on user action, all within the PubNub network.

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