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Telemedicine is real-time and remote medical, diagnostic, and treatment of health and health-related services.

PubNub Healthcare Chat Live Demos

Telehealth chat demo shows how to connect healthcare professionals with patients to deliver safe and effective remote treatment

Customer Use Cases

PubNub provided the speedy, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant backend that ZOLL needed to build their in-app chat features for emergency services teams

NurseGrid utilizes the power of PubNub to enhance scheduling accuracy and foster improved communication between nurses, administrators, and other stakeholders

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This e-book covers how healthcare organizations can use PubNub to deliver faster, more efficient care for patients and providers through improved usability, speed, reliability and platform compatibility.


Live chat and In-App Messaging apps offer excellent benefits for improving patient care. To keep patient data secure, HIPAA-compliant chat is a must.

A Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) is one of the requirements of a HIPAA and helps patients understand their personal data rights.

Our partnership gives doctors, patients, and healthcare providers control over how they choose to communicate; this helps make their interactions more authentic and genuine.

How-To Guides

Learn about building a HIPAA-compliant app, safeguards for telehealth app development  and more with this step-by-step tutorial of how to get started developing a telemedicine solution.


Demonstrates how to use PubNub Chat Components to create a Telehealth chat app that can be used on multiple platforms and includes compliance with privacy regulations. Select an SDK in your preferred language to begin building today.


Ensure compliance with our step-by-step checklist.

GitHub Links

Source code for a cross-platform doctor-patient chat application in React.

Source code for a real-time doctor-patient chat application in Swift.

Source code for a real-time doctor-patient chat application in Kotlin.

Resources by PubNub

Overview of PubNub usage in the healthcare industry.

More Healthcare Learning Resources

A fantastic overview of the laws and regulations around HIPAA.

HHS Resources for app developers in the healthcare industry.

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