Please Note:

Project EON is no longer actively maintained or accepting Pull Requests.
The EON library remains available on npm, bower, or through hosted link.

EON Chart Builder

Create a real-time chart using your PubNub stream and embed it on your website.

Chart Preview

Try changing options to see the chart update.


Configure your PubNub credentials.

Attribute Value Description
Subscribe Key

The PubNub subscribe key.


The PubNub channel where your data is being published.

Enable History

Use PubNub history to populate the chart on load


Click on a label to rename it. Note that only integer values are shown here.

Label Value Color Graph


Configure your real-time chart.

Attribute Value Description
Chart Type

Time series, bar, donut, your call.

X Axis Label
Y Axis Label
Speed (ms) 1000

How fast your chart will update. If data is published faster than the update rate, it will be overwritten.

Limit 5

How many data points to display.

X Grid

Show gridlines along x axis.

Y Grid

Show gridlines along y axis.

Show Points

Show a point in line.

Show Tooltips

Show tooltips on hover.


Copy and Paste this embed code into your site to display live chart on your website.