WebRTC Video Chat

At PubNub we believe simplicity is essential for our SDK usability. We’ve taken a simplified approach to WebRTC Peer Connections by creating and easy-to-use SDK for developers.

WebRTC Voice and Video

The basics of WebRTC Voice and Video calling has been simplified for your mobile app development ease. We’ve created simple calling methods which match that of a standard telephony calling systems. Use the phone.dial() method for starting a call and phone.receive() method to receive the call.

WebRTC Voice and Video
Basic Concepts of WebRTC Calling

Making a WebRTC phone Call

Receiving a WebRTC phone Call

Adding Voice and Video Live Stream

What Can you build with a WebRTC Simple Calling API?

There are a plethera of important and useful applications which may be built using the PubNub WebRTC Calling SDK. I have cataloged a list of ideas for WebRTC Use Cases:

There are many applications for WebRTC with more to be discovered soon. With the wide-spread support and availability of WebRTC on the web and full mobile support there’s good reason to get started with WebRTC as your voice/video streaming solution for users who will be communicating in realtime. From WebRTC Screen Sharing toWebRTC Facetime the applications to build for user connectivity seem to be in the boundless realm.

  1. Amazon Mayday Help Button
  2. Salesforce SOS Help Button
  3. WebRTC Skype Replica
  4. Traditional Phone Replacement
  5. Chatroulette
  6. VoIP Replacement
  7. Facetime
  8. In-bound Sales Calls
  9. Easy Remote Meetings
  10. Call Assistant or Specialists
  11. Big Screen Public Announcemnt
  12. Live Presentations
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