Support Chat

Support Chat lets you build effective support chat to increase customer satisfaction and business automation. Chat between an agent and multiple clients, where privacy for each conversation is key.


Chandler Mayo
Chandler Mayo
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Support Chat

Support Chat demonstrates how to build effective support chat between a support agent and multiple clients. Increase customer satisfaction, agent response rates, and business automation, all while protecting the privacy of each client.  From customer service to telemedicine, this kit gets you off the ground quickly.


  • Separate agent and user views with routing for incoming requests.

  • Private one-to-one messaging that ensures conversations are secure.

  • User presence detection to show chats from online users.

Play with the app

1. Start a new conversation - Click the “New Conversation” button from the customer view. This action creates a conversation between the customer and the agent.

2. Send messages - Select a conversation channel and send a message in the message window. Feel free to include an emoji or two to personalize your message! PubNub will deliver the message with lightning speeds to all members of that conversation.

3. Filter profanity in messages - The PubNub Profanity Filter will analyze the message and automatically censor the message. Just type a swear word or a phrase in the message window and press enter.

SDKs & Frameworks

  • React provides tools to leverage the PubNub JavaScript SDK within a React application.

  • Javascript connects and communicates with the network.

For more information, head over to PubNub Chat documentation and get started building chat today.

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