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Chandler Mayo
Chandler Mayo
Solution Engineer, PubNub
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Live Support Chat


Live Support Chat is a workflow between users, where one user is creating a conversation and the other user(s) are serving them. This includes most Healthcare applications, Doctors, Therapists, Coaches, Advisors, and of course Customer Support. This Live Support Chat builds on Basic Chat in a new way by creating two views, an Agent view that monitors new chats, and a Client view to start support requests. Agents can view at a glance all the customer 1-1 chats in a list and switch between conversations easily. The client view is focused on their own end of the conversation.

Understanding how to manage collections of 1-1 chats enables you to build a robust and fully featured live support system. Of course there is much more that goes into such a system and we have many customers that have built their fully customized workflows on PubNub that match their exact business workflows.

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