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Stephen Blum
Stephen Blum
CTO, PubNub
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Build Chat Apps Fast

This is a basic chat example. The code to the left, you can build real-time chat in 10 lines of JavaScript - just copy and paste the code into your favorite text editor and save as a .html.

Enter Chat and press enter
<div><input id=input placeholder="message" /></div>

Chat Output
<div id=box></div>

<script src=https://cdn.pubnub.com/sdk/javascript/pubnub.4.28.2.min.js></script>
<script> (function() {
        var pubnub = new PubNub({
            publishKey: 'demo',
            subscribeKey: 'demo'
        function $(id) {
            return document.getElementById(id);
        var box = $('box'),
            input = $('input'),
            channel = '10chat-demo';
            message: function(obj) {
                box.innerHTML = ('' + obj.message).replace(/[<>]/g, '') + '<br>' + box.innerHTML
            channels: [channel]
        input.addEventListener('keyup', function(e) {
            if ((e.keyCode || e.charCode) === 13) {
                    channel: channel,
                    message: input.value,
                    x: (input.value = '')

Send and Receive Messages

Tasks like sending and receiving data through PubNub take a single function call. The basic “send” functionality happens through a publish() call.

And to “receive” all of the sent messages on a specific channel, simply make a subscribe() call. All of the network infrastructure and scaling is taken care of for you, so you spend time building your app, not the infrastructure.

// Send a message
pubnub.publish({ channel : 'chat', message : "hello!" })
    message: function(msg) { console.log("got a message",msg.message); }

Develop Chat Across Platforms

PubNub empowers you to build cross-platform, supporting chat for mobile, browser, desktop, server, and even the Internet of Things. Build in one language, extend to every device!



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