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Chatbots and PubNub

Power your chatbot of the future’s voice and brain with realtime messaging and cognitive capabilities.

What good is a chatbot if it can’t talk? PubNub is the best way to power your chatbot, creating real-life, interactive conversations with users. And with PubNub Functions, you can connect your chatbots to any number of APIs, enhancing their cognitive and natural language processing capabilities. We make your chatbot smart.

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Why Chatbots and PubNub

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Smart and Open

Pick and integrate any number of third-party APIs from the BLOCKS Catalog to make your chatbot smart. Give it sentiment and tone recognition, the ability to translate languages, or even convert the text-to-speech, all in realtime.
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Fast and Interactive

Realtime messaging is at the core of our business, and in using PubNub to power your chatbot, you’ll get the speed and reliability to mimic a real-life conversation, to users anywhere in the world.
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Infinitely Scalable

Running over the PubNub Network, you can be sure that no matter how many simultaneous conversations your bot has going, latency and performance will never be an issue.

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