MeetingPulse Creates Deeper Audience Connections

MeetingPulse uses PubNub to power real-time chat at scale during virtual and hybrid events, enabling customers to build deeper connections with their audience.
MeetingPulse Creates Deeper Audience Connections

With PubNub, MeetingPulse:

  • Powers chat and presence during virtual and hybrid events.

  • Operates chat reliably and at scale to support an unlimited number of concurrent users.

  • Delivers engaging connected experiences that help maximize audience participation.

MeetingPulse Creates Deeper Audience Connections

“Chat is a crucial component of connecting people to each other and driving engagement, decisions, or action items.” Cameron Powell, Chief Marketing Officer at MeetingPulse

Meet MeetingPulse

MeetingPulse is a platform that provides businesses with audience engagement tools, enabling them to gather actionable insight and build deeper connections with attendees.

“It's about audience powered engagement and making sure every voice is heard,” said Cameron Powell, Chief Marketing Officer at MeetingPulse. Used at meetings, events, conferences, and more, their platform helps you understand and engage with your audience in real time through live polling, quizzes, raffles, and Q&A sessions. 

To help power these real-time audience interactions at scale, MeetingPulse relies on PubNub. 

Easily scaling to support events of any size 

As a platform that must be able to accommodate thousands of audience members from any location worldwide, MeetingPulse knew they needed a scalable solution that could power a crucial feature of their platform, chat. 

“How do we provide all these amazing features for not just 10 people, but for 25,000 people,” said Marian Reynov, CTO at MeetingPulse. 

Ultimately, the deciding factor to build with PubNub came about when a customer requested a dynamic chat for large events that could replicate that in-person interactivity that keeps people truly engaged in the conversation. 

Now by relying on PubNub, they can confidently scale without worrying about outages, even as user traffic spikes. “PubNub is easy to work with,” said Reynov. “I don't have to worry about the infrastructure.” 

Building deeper relationships through chat

Using PubNub, MeetingPulse is able to power real-time chat during virtual and hybrid events. “Chat is a crucial component of connecting people to each other and driving engagement, decisions, or action items,” said Powell. 

MeetingPulse customers can deliver interactive environments where attendees can engage with each other instantaneously via chat. This allows users to feel immersed in a shared experience where they feel connected to one another—creating a lively and memorable event. 

In addition to maximizing audience participation through chat, MeetingPulse leverages PubNub for Presence to deliver dynamic information, like active users in a channel, across their platform. This functionality is important for MeetingPulse because it gives them the ability to create a better experience for their users, facilitating a space where they can build deeper, genuine connections. 

Delivering engaging audience experiences 

For Reynov and her team, knowing that they can count on PubNub to operate reliably and in real time as they iterate is crucial. This allows them to focus on delivering engaging audience experiences that exceed user expectations. 

“In terms of implementation and how smooth PubNub worked, it just pushed us into using Presence,” said Reynov. I am looking forward to expanding on that and relying on PubNub for real-time messaging across our app.”

If you would like to learn how PubNub can help you create interactive virtual and hybrid events with features like real-time chat, presence, and more—get in touch with our team of experts.