Luni Develops Engaging Social Apps That Connect Communities

Luni, a mobile app publisher and developer, uses PubNub to deliver chat at scale in their social betting app.

With PubNub, Luni:

  • Can quickly add new features and updates without having to build from scratch.

  • Creates an exciting social experience with chat and real-time updates. 

  • Can reliably and easily scale their chat to support rapid growth.

Luni Develops Engaging Social Apps That Connect Communities

“Being able to build fast and provide something that is reliable is essential,” said Dulong. “PubNub helps us a lot because we don't have to create from zero.” Adrien Dulong, COO at Omada

Meet Luni

Luni is a mobile app publisher and developer of a wide variety of applications. From health and wellness to productivity, they create social apps that connect communities with interactive features. 

One of their latest developments, Omada, is a social betting app that allows users to place predictions without any real money involved—capturing the fun of betting side-by-side with friends, without the risk. 

Because Luni is focused on continuously evolving their app, they knew they needed a partner that could provide the scalability and reliability to help them develop chat and other capabilities quickly.

To ensure a faster time to market, Luni turned to PubNub to power chat in their social betting app, Omada. 

Building chat with a reliable partner

Prior to partnering with PubNub, Adrien Dulong, COO at Omada, recognized that building and maintaining chat in-house would require a substantial amount of development time and resources, especially as they continue to grow. 

Dulong began looking for a solution that would allow his team to quickly get up and running with chat, which is when he came across PubNub. “I took a look at the documentation and it was extremely easy to integrate chat,” said Dulong.

Since implementing PubNub, Luni can power chat, message history, and send updates on events occurring across their Omada app in real time. “We use PubNub to send a message or an update to all the channels that are supposed to receive it,” said Dulong. With Luni, users are able to exchange chat messages back and forth within a group and receive information on the last known event of a user, such as a bet that was made—which creates a lively and exciting atmosphere. 

Having these real-time capabilities are important for Luni, as it allows them to create a memorable, high quality social experience that keeps users engaged and coming back. 

Easily adding new features and updates

In addition to powering chat and real-time updates to a channel, Dulong and his team have found that they can effortlessly roll out new capabilities and updates—like chat moderation and blocking messages that are not permitted in their app—without having to build from the ground up. 

For Luni, this is valuable because it allows them the flexibility to implement crucial features for their users as they continue to evolve their product offering, ultimately saving them development time and resources. “I can't imagine what we would have done in order to manage the scale with the new features that we want to release,” said Dulong. 

Now that Luni has a reliable solution in place, they have scaled to host hundreds of thousands users. And as they continue to deliver these engaging social experiences, Dulong doesn’t need to worry about concurrency limits with PubNub handling their infrastructure.

“Being able to build fast and provide something that is reliable is essential,” said Dulong. “PubNub helps us a lot because we don't have to create from zero.”

Powering interactive social experiences at scale

Looking ahead as Luni continues to grow, Dulong is excited to implement additional in-app features and he trusts that PubNub’s scalable infrastructure will be able to support user traffic at any scale. 

“PubNub allows us to build without having to worry about scaling,” said Dulong. “We don’t have to think about it because PubNub is able to manage it.”

If you are interested in how PubNub can help you power your in-app social experiences at scale, try our APIs for free.