Announcing Illuminate for real-time decisioning & analytics

Mar 20, 2024

PubNub Illuminate lets product owners observe and affect game dynamics like engagement, game balance, monetization, and more. From configuring game metrics to triggering game actions to seeing results, everything happens in real-time without burdening your dev team.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- PubNub, the leading platform for building, managing, and optimizing real-time apps, announced the launch of their newest product, PubNub Illuminate ("Illuminate"), at the 2024 Game Developers Conference.

Illuminate gives product owners the ability to easily map the KPIs that are important to their game's success, trigger decisions based on live game state, and see instant outcomes without requiring engineering resources. They can model their hypotheses through easy-to-use constructs like objects, metrics, and decisions, and see results in real-time, seamlessly improving gameplay and optimizing business objectives. Illuminate powers use cases such as:

  • Real-time game balancing to achieve optimal player experience

  • Live experimentation for optimizing revenue

  • Real-time engagement optimization with rewards and offers

  • Live analysis of player progression and sentiments as signals of future engagement and retention

A Decade of Excellence in Real-Time Technology

With a 10+ year history of powering real-time games and apps at massive scale to clients like Embark, Pocket Games, Autodesk, and DAZN, PubNub is uniquely equipped to provide this powerful new product. "When it comes to increasing engagement and retention, the ability to run feature experiments on user and device segments is critical. But product owners are at the mercy of development schedules and engineering priorities that barely leave time to build, deploy, and measure a few user engagement tests a quarter," said Todd Greene, CEO and Founder at PubNub. "With Illuminate, you can tailor monetization strategies on the fly, link user behavior to incentives, track every action with custom, real-time aggregate and device metrics, and instantly see the results."

Endorsements from Industry Leaders

"We're excited about the potential of PubNub Illuminate," said Nikolay Dimitrov, Technical Director of Gameloft Sofia. "Gameloft has more than 55 million unique users per month on our various games, so the ability for our LiveOps managers to leverage tactical real-time decisioning and analytics through a no-code interface is compelling. It has real potential to impact the future of gaming, from driving monetization to making games more immersive, interactive, intuitive, and personalized."

"The power to make real-time decisions is a fantastic opportunity for game makers to create iconic moments in response to individual or collective player action," said Ali El Rhermoul, Co-Founder & CTO of Beamable. "We're excited to partner with PubNub on the launch of Illuminate, and to equip game teams with the ability to deliver spontaneous gameplay that delights players and captures their imagination."

Following the launch of Illuminate for gaming, PubNub plans to roll out Illuminate to other customer end-markets, such as sports, media & entertainment, and digital health.

About PubNub

PubNub is transforming how people live, work, and play within virtual environments. Our products enable teams to build, manage, and optimize thousands of real-time interactive apps used by millions of people around the globe every day. Founded in 2010, over 2000 companies including Embark, Pocket Gems, Beamable, Scopely, and Gameloft choose PubNub because we deliver a comprehensive set of core building blocks to easily build amazing live experiences that are secure, scalable, compliant, and reliable.