From Silicon Valley to Katowice. PubNub To Open Office

Nov 5, 2019

Is Katowice poised to become the Polish capital of IT and modern technologies? The city's potential was recently recognized by San Francisco-based technology company PubNub, which will soon move into office space located in the .KTW I building, bringing world-class technologies used across the world into the heart of the Metropolis GZM.  

The PubNub Platform empowers software and app development teams to build real-time, connected experiences with customers like Adobe, Yelp, Peloton, eBay, and Samsung. The platform supports thousands of applications across a variety of verticals and industries including social networking applications, chat, eCommerce, multiplayer games, fintech, telecommunications infrastructure, and the Internet of Things, streaming 200 trillion messages to 330+ million devices per month. The company officially confirmed its expansion into the European market and the opening of two new offices - in London and Katowice in May of this year. The choice of the Silesian Voivodeship’s capital was dictated, among others, by the fact that it is one of the fastest-growing technology centers on the Old Continent. This is reflected in the latest data from ABSL, showing that as many as 41% of employees in the BSS sector in Katowice work for IT companies. PubNub also took note of the large talent pool that provides the opportunity to attract excellent, well-educated specialists from within the entire metropolitan area, inhabited by 2.3 million people. “Katowice offers a good business climate. For years, we have been making efforts to create a strong city brand based on our excellent location, access to qualified staff and an extensive support system for entrepreneurs. Today, we continue to build our position on the scientific, economic and infrastructural potential of the entire Metropolis GZM. We are very pleased about the interest of investors from high-tech industries, especially PubNub, whose representatives were met during the conference in Silicon Valley. Each new investment, in fact, attracts new jobs and young talent, and as a result, supports the further development of the city.” said Mariusz Jankowski, Head of the Investor Service Department at Katowice City Hall. The company will open its branch in Katowice in the .KTW I office building. It will occupy 350 sq.m. of office space on the 8th floor. PubNub will start operations in .KTW I at the beginning of 2020. “PubNub is synonymous with innovation, ultra-modern technologies and first-league solutions. As a company also investing in Venture capital, TDJ appreciates the fact that .KTW will be joined by a start-up with such an impressive development path. We trust that the highest quality of space we offer, combined with phenomenal architecture and superb location next to Culture Zone in Katowice, will be conducive to the everyday work of PubNub’s engineers,” said Kamil Krępa, leasing director at TDJ Estate. Engineers starting work in Katowice will deal with tasks in the field of software development. Recruitment is ongoing. All job openings can be found on the PubNub website. “Our focus on putting teams in place internationally solidifies our dedication to providing a world-class experience for our customers and their apps, products, and businesses. We look forward to continuing to identify and grow our international presence as more businesses rely on PubNub,” said Todd Greene, CEO and Co-founder of PubNub.

About PubNub

PubNub is transforming how people live, work and play within virtual environments. Powered by a platform to build and operate real-time interactivity within mobile, web and IOT apps, our chat, live audience engagement, geolocation and dispatch, multi-user collaboration, and other forms of real-time use cases are enjoyed by millions of people across the globe every day. Founded in 2010, over 2000 companies worldwide choose PubNub because of the speed, reliability, and scalability of our platform and because we help their customers feel more connected to one another, the brand, and the product experience.

About the .KTW Project

The TDJ investment, located next to the legendary 'Spodek' Venue in Katowice, was designed as an office complex comprising of two buildings connected by a three-level underground garage. The vast majority of the buildings will function as offices, complemented by a retail and service area, including a canteen, restaurant, bank branch and companies from the financial sector. The first of the office buildings - KTW I - was opened in June 2018. Among its tenants one can find companies such as Fujitsu Global Delivery Center, Teleperformance Poland, EY, mBank and the Gastromall Group.

About TDJ Estate

TDJ Estate, part of the TDJ family investment company, was established in 2011 and has been active in real estate development since 2013. The company specializes in the projects’ implementation in the field of residential, office and land development real estate. The investor's portfolio includes such buildings as: the Franciszkańskie housing estate in Katowice; Bardowskiego 1, an intimate multi-family complex on the Witosa estate and Osiedle Wieszowa in Tarnogórski poviat (county). In May 2019, the construction works of the First District began - a housing complex located in the immediate vicinity of the Culture Zone in Katowice, near the office complex of .KTW.

About TDJ

TDJ is a family-owned company that builds long-term value by investing in the areas of Equity, Venture, Estate, Finance and Foundation. TDJ Equity's portfolio consists of, among others, companies listed on the WSE - including FAMUR, PGO, Zamet and the private companies – FPM and NiUW Glinik. The capitalization of TDJ's stock portfolio is currently around PLN 3.5 billion. TDJ also carries out investments within the realm of office and residential real estate, through TDJ Estate. In the TDJ Venture area, investments in innovative, technological startups with a global potential are implemented through participation of the TDJ Pitango Ventures fund. TDJ Finance focuses on investments in liquid financial assets. TDJ shares its successes by investing in knowledge and human potential. The TDJ Foundation operates in this area, implementing projects focused on supporting the education and personal development of children and youth.