PubNub Delivers Secure Data Stream Network on IBM’s Bluemix

Feb 23, 2015
Companies can now launch IoT, Web, and Mobile apps built on real-time communication that scale globally. Las Vegas, NV — February 23, 2015 — PubNub, the leading data stream network, announced today at InterConnect 2015 that it is partnering with IBM to bring its sophisticated real-time data streaming and messaging capabilities to Bluemix, IBM’s cloud development platform.  PubNub will demonstrate real-time secure device connectivity, powered by its easy-to-use data stream APIs, at the conference.  IBM Bluemix customers will be able to leverage PubNub to securely and reliably deliver large scale real-time IoT, web, and mobile solutions. Bluemix developers can easily implement crucial features needed in IoT such as remote device control, firmware upgrades and device provisioning. PubNub’s data streaming capabilities are available to developers via 70+ SDKs allowing developers to connect, scale, and manage real-time applications and IoT devices. PubNub’s real-time communication API includes presence detection, message storage & playback, stream syndication and data synchronization. PubNub will showcase its IoT node for IBM’s NodeRed at Booth #620 The IBM Cloud marketplace offers clients access to more than 100 SaaS applications, IBM's Bluemix platform-as-a-service with its suite of composable services, the powerful SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service and IBM's rich intellectual capital and deep industry expertise. This single online destination with a suite of cloud services delivers a new buying experience for clients that enables line of business professionals to deploy new services faster; allows developers to build them with greater speed; and offers IT departments more creative, efficient and lower-cost ways to deliver these services. “Today’s app and connected devices require an always-on connection, but building a secure, scalable solution from the ground up is time consuming, resource intensive, and error-prone,” said Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub. “PubNub enables web, mobile and IoT developers building apps on IBM Bluemix to quickly add scalable real-time functionality with minimal effort and cost.” PubNub’s globally secure data stream network allows developers to focus on app features and functionality, accelerating time to market while forgoing expensive and risky investments in homegrown communication infrastructure. To be made available through self-provisioning within theBluemix Catalog, PubNub provides developers secure Publish/Subscribe messaging with 1
second latencies across 15 global points of presence and 99.999% uptime. PubNub’s operational model guarantees no open ports on IoT devices, delivering secure communication through firewalls, proxy servers and over unreliable mobile networks To learn more about leveraging PubNub’s global Data Stream Network (DSN) in the IBM Cloud marketplace and to get started, visit About PubNub PubNub is transforming how people live, work and play within virtual environments. Powered by a platform to build and operate real-time interactivity within mobile, web and IOT apps, our chat, live audience engagement, geolocation and dispatch, multi-user collaboration, and other forms of real-time use cases are enjoyed by millions of people across the globe every day. Founded in 2010, over 2000 companies worldwide choose PubNub because of the speed, reliability, and scalability of our platform and because we help their customers feel more connected to one another, the brand, and the product experience.