Stream Controller for Coordination of 1000's of Data Streams

Oct 28, 2014

New Easy-to-Use Feature Allows Developers to Combine Up to 20,000 Streams into a Group That Can Be Managed and Controlled Centrally

San Francisco, CA – October 28, 2014 – PubNub, the leading global Data Stream Network, today announced the availability of Stream Controller, making it easy for application developers to manage thousands of data streams for their subscribers. Stream Controller allows secured, central control of the data streams within a channel group, increasing the efficiency and flexibility of data stream applications. With Stream Controller, developers can group up to 20,000 channels per subscribed connection. Each Channel Group, along with its state, can be managed as a single entity at the server level. Additionally, Stream Controller enables centralized control of security parameters and access management for each Channel Group. For example, a financial services company may wish to enable users to subscribe to multiple stock tickers (ie, healthcare, technology and energy) in a single stream. For each stream (say, healthcare), rather than subscribing to individual healthcare stocks, a user merely subscribes to the grouping of all healthcare stocks as defined by the financial services company. Because the channel group is defined at the server level, when a new healthcare stock comes on to the stock market, it can be automatically added to the group and the instantly available to the subscribed user. “Stream Controller gives developers massive flexibility in how their data streams are distributed,” said Todd Greene, founder and CEO of PubNub. “The added dimension of grouping channels enables new design patterns, as well as tighter control and security of their data over the network.” Developers can access Stream Controller today by signing up for a free PubNub sandbox account ( and selecting Stream Controller as a real-time service. For additional information, please visit About PubNub
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