Introducing Serverless Access Control for Real-Time Apps

Oct 22, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22, 2013 -- PubNub, the only global Real-Time Network, today announced the launch of PubNub Access Manager (PAM), which adds serverless access control to its cloud-based real-time infrastructure.  Developers can now manage granular permissions for their real-time apps and data, allowing them to deliver powerful new types of applications. The announcement follows significant growth and momentum for the company, including the announcement of an$11 million Series B round of funding in September 2013.

The PubNub Real-Time Network is a global cloud-based infrastructure that provides the key building blocks for delivering real-time experiences at a massive scale.  The addition of PAM enables developers to grant fine-grained Publish and Subscribe permissions for their real-time apps and data, without hosting authentication servers. Access control can be granted at various levels: person, device, channel or key.  PAM works with any existing authentication system: Facebook Connect, Twitter, Google, LDAP and homegrown solutions. With PAM, companies don't need to host dedicated authentication servers, which can be a frequent source of performance bottlenecks.

"We're excited about the new types of real-time apps, like subscription services, point-to-point apps and social apps that developers can build on the PubNub Network with the addition of PAM," said Todd Greene, founder and CEO of PubNub. "The PubNub Real-Time Network handles all the infrastructure, scale, security and access for applications, so real-time just works."

PAM enables developers to build powerful new types of real-time apps including:

  • Subscription services to real-time financial, traffic or social data streams where access can be easily granted and revoked on a per subscriber basis
  • Point-to-point apps, such as home automation, where secure real-time data is streaming bi-directionally between devices
  • Social apps where secure real-time communication is peer-to-peer, with the option to monitor and intervene in user interactions when needed (ban a user, change privileges, etc.)

"Revolv's home automation solution lets users control their home lights, locks, thermostats and more from their smartphone. We use PubNub for reliable, real-time, one-to-one device communication between mobile phones and the Revolv in-home hub," said Lee Taylor, Head of Engineering for Revolv. "With PubNub's new Access Manager, we are able to greatly simplify our architecture so that our client-to-client applications can work seamlessly and securely over a single PubNub channel, without having to continuously hit our servers for authentication."

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