PubNub Raises $4.5 Million Series A

Mar 21, 2012
Real-time data push and presence cloud service achieves significant customer milestones by removing the barriers involved in creating massively multi-user applications

San Francisco—March 21, 2012—PubNub, the cloud service that enables real-time applications on every device, today announced it has raised $4.5 million in Series A funding, led by Relay Ventures with participation from TiE Angels.

PubNub launched in August 2010 with a cloud service and infrastructure that enables companies to quickly create sophisticated multi-user mobile and web apps that scale globally. The service removes the cost and complexity of developing and hosting apps and games that require real-time data sync. PubNub has been adopted by over 1,000 customers to power mass-audience, real-time, massively multi-user experiences in a variety of industries, including social media, mobile games, business collaboration, and live commerce websites. PubNub has been used in mobile apps synchronized with some of the largest TV events, including during the Super Bowl, Grammys, Oscars, and the Australian Open.

“PubNub is radically transforming how developers build and deploy interactive, presence-based applications,” said Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub. “Relay Ventures’ sharp focus on mobile combined with the deep bench of successful entrepreneurs from TiE Angels has produced a highly effective investment team.”

The PubNub service connects to all popular mobile, web, and server environments with over 20 popular PubNub plug-ins, including iOS, Android, JavaScript, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Node.JS, Python, and Ruby and many more. PubNub’s real-time cloud service is deployed in data centers globally, delivering multi-region reliability and low- latency connectivity from any point on earth.

“PubNub is a great example of a lean startup done right. This team developed impressive core technology based on the needs of an enthusiastic customer base, and now is the clear leader in market,” said John Occhipinti, partner at Relay Ventures. “With this injection of capital, there are tremendous opportunities ahead for PubNub.”

About PubNub:

PubNub is transforming how people live, work and play within virtual environments. Powered by a platform to build and operate real-time interactivity within mobile, web and IOT apps, our chat, live audience engagement, geolocation and dispatch, multi-user collaboration, and other forms of real-time use cases are enjoyed by millions of people across the globe every day. Founded in 2010, over 2000 companies worldwide choose PubNub because of the speed, reliability, and scalability of our platform and because we help their customers feel more connected to one another, the brand, and the product experience.

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