PubNub Delivers Real Time Audience Analytics

PubNub solidifies its “real-time” leadership with an up-to-the-second dynamic view of audience engagement, including size and location, in PubNub-powered apps

San Francisco—July 11, 2012—PubNub, the cloud service that powers real-time apps on every device, announced today at MobileBeat the launch of PubNub’s Real-Time Audience Analytics. This offering is a first for a real-time messaging service, providing customers with instant view into the size of their active audience, as well as user locations on a world map, with multiple updates each second.

An innovative addition to its real-time capabilities that must be seen to be fully appreciated, PubNub’s new Audience Analytics allows customers to experience audience size and overall real-time engagement in their apps. Visual Geo-Analytics provides a myriad of benefits to PubNub’s customers, including an animated view of their audience size, the ability to showcase beautiful global maps overlaid with locations of their end users. Because the data is displayed in real-time, PubNub customers can correlate real-world events to geographic usage, for instance, validating which regions are engaging during specific TV broadcasts, or gauging the popularity of specific features within different geographies.

“Our customers have inspired us to develop compelling new features, such as PubNub’s Real- Time Audience Analytics,” said Todd Greene, CEO and co-founder of PubNub. “Real-time global systems like PubNub deliver dramatically increased value when that real-time usage can also be analyzed, instantly.”

PubNub’s Real-Time Audience Analytics scales to any size display and serves as both a useful developer tool and as ammunition for great marketing. As digital agencies increase their use of PubNub to build interactive, real-time experiences for their clients, PubNub’s Real-Time Audience Analytics delivers important sales tools to prove the benefits of real-time technology for improved user engagement.

About PubNub:

PubNub is the leading messaging Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for building mass-scale live mobile and web applications. Globally deployed, PubNub brings real-time presence functionality to everyone, everywhere on any device. Thousands of mobile/web application developers rely on PubNub for delivering push notifications and interactive experiences to millions of users worldwide. For additional information, visit


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