PubNub Cloud Exceeds 1 Million Messages per Second

Jun 13, 2012
PubNub achieves a major scaling milestone powering nationwide live voting during E3 while maintaining low latencies globally for PubNub’s real-time data push cloud service San Francisco—June 13, 2012—PubNub, the cloud service that enables real-time applications on every device, today announced that it surpassed 1 million messages per second (MPS) across PubNub’s global cloud while maintaining latencies under 100 milliseconds. PubNub’s ability to power real-time apps and websites for a massive scale of users was proven twice this week, enabling nationwide voting and sentiment analytics apps during the E3 conference, as well as throughout the HumbleBundle live commerce launch. In the last week alone, PubNub pushed billions of real-time messages simultaneously to tens of millions of unique IP addresses, delivering real-time data synchronization to mass audiences around the world. “The 1 million MPS milestone we achieved this week validates the effort our team has put into PubNub’s core architecture over the last 3 years,” said Stephen Blum, CTO and founder of PubNub. “With our globally distributed cloud across 4 regions and 10 data centers, PubNub has proven we’re ready for any size audience, anywhere in the world.” PubNub’s real-time data push service delivers multi-region reliability and low-latency connectivity from any point on earth, supporting all popular mobile, web, and server environments including iOS, Android, and JavaScript. The service eliminates much of the cost and complexity of developing, hosting and monitoring apps that require real-time data sync. PubNub’s global base of over 1,500 active customers include mass-participation social media, multi-user mobile games, real-time business collaboration, live-commerce websites and social TV apps that have engaged large audiences during the Super Bowl, E3, American Idol, X- Factor, Grammys, Oscars, and the Australian Open.

About PubNub:

PubNub is transforming how people live, work and play within virtual environments. Powered by a platform to build and operate real-time interactivity within mobile, web and IOT apps, our chat, live audience engagement, geolocation and dispatch, multi-user collaboration, and other forms of real-time use cases are enjoyed by millions of people across the globe every day. Founded in 2010, over 2000 companies worldwide choose PubNub because of the speed, reliability, and scalability of our platform and because we help their customers feel more connected to one another, the brand, and the product experience.