Zero to AngularJS in 60 Seconds: Angular Made Easy

1 min read Michael Carroll on Oct 7, 2014
AngularJs and PubNub

Welcome back to our ever growing list of AngularJS resources, making it seamless to build real-time applications with AngularJS and PubNub.

In one of our earliest and most popular blog posts, AngularJS 101: From Zero to Angular in Seconds, we built a working chat application in less than 100 lines of HTML and JavaScript.

Folks were really excited about that idea, so I presented some of this recent work as a tutorial at the Boston AngularJS Meetup in early September, showing examples alongside an exploratory/interactive presentation for “Zero to Angular”.

AngularJS Resources

Please check these resources out and let us know what you think! The idea is that you should be able to run the CodePen in one browser window, click through the presentation in another, and even listen to the video if you’re so inclined!

Get started with PubNub and AngularJS with near-zero effort

And that’s it! Hopefully the Zero to Angular blog series has helped you get started with PubNub and AngularJS with near-zero effort. Please keep in touch and reach out if you have ideas. Or, if you need a hand!