Building Applications with PubNub and AngularJS Tutorials

2 min readJoe Hanson on May 19, 2014
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Everything you need to build real-time web and mobile apps with PubNub and AngularJS, including tutorials, walkthroughs, and demos.

Our goal was to make developing real-time web and mobile apps with AngularJS as easy as possible. We developed our AngularJS PubNub SDK to do just that. With AngularJS and PubNub, you can easily integrate real-time, bidirectional communication into your web or mobile app. This blog post is a collection of all our AngularJS tutorials, so look through the list below for what you need!

PubNub AngularJS extraordinaire Sunny Gleason has been working hard to written tutorials and build demos to showcase the many real-time features you can integrate into your AngularJS application. From building an AngularJS app in 60 seconds, to adding advanced Presence and Access Management, we’ve compiled the full list below:

Data Streams and Pub/Sub for AngularJS Apps

Data Streams and pub/sub enables you to send data to one or more devices.

  • Multiplexinguse a single socket for all channel communications.

Storage and Playback for AngularJS Apps

Storage and Playback (also known as History) enables you to store, retrieve, and playback data streams that were published at a certain time.

Presence for AngularJS Apps

Presence is user and device detection (online and offline status).

Security and Access Management for AngularJS Apps

Encryption makes your data secure. Access Manager gives you full control over where your data goes and who can publish.

Other AngularJS Tutorials

Other useful tutorials, such as how to integrate your AngularJS library, and information on PubNub-AngularJS compatibility.

PubNub and AngularJS are two peas in a pod, and we’re working to continue doing more. Looking forward to see what you build!

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