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    We are happy to announce that PubNub can now be used in Windows 10 Universal App Platform (UAP) applications. Building Windows apps with PubNub is quite easy. To follow these instructions you’ll need Windows 10 (obviously) and Visual Studio. The Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 will work fine.


    1. Windows 10 OS
    2. Visual Studio Community Edition (free download)

    Run the demo example

    1. Download the example code.
    2. Make sure you are targeting .NET Framework 4.5.2.
    3. This example uses PubnubPCL Nuget package
    4. Open PubnubWindowsStore.sln file and right-click on PubnubWindowsStore.prj project.
    5. Run the project

    You can also create your own sample project with the following steps:

    1. Create new project:
      Create a New Project
    2. Install the latest PubnubPCL Nuget package.
      Open Manage NuGet Packages menu
      Select the PubNub NuGet package
    3. Now add your own code by instantiating Pubnub instance.
      Pubnub pubnub = new Pubnub("demo", "demo");
    4. Continue using the PubNub API as you would in any C# program.

    Example Code

    Here is a full publish and subscribe example:

    Using PubNub for Win10 UAP apps is as easy as any of our other SDKs, and it works everywhere UAP apps do. We can’t wait to see what you build.

    For complete documentation please see the new PubNub C# PCL SDK with tutorials for features like Presence, History, Data Streams, and more.

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