Why You Don’t Want to Miss Stream Conference 2016

2 min read Michael Carroll on Aug 22, 2016

On September 28, join industry thought leaders, software architects, innovators, and developers at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco, to explore how always-on data streams will be managed, scaled, secured, and monetized in the months and years to come.

Stream Conference will feature conversation tracks that get to the core issues of how data streams are driving new technology and business requirements for always-on apps.

Architecture & Security

As software evolves to an “always on” data stream architecture, existing software architectures are being stretched to the limit to handle the latency, reliability, and bandwidth requirements of real-time applications and connected devices. This track will explore how and why data streams are driving demand for new software architectures like microservices, serverless architectures, and fog computing, and how data streams will impact everything from business logic and data processing to security and analytics.

Business Models

Requirements for a real-time-world, driven by always-on data streams are driving big changes. What challenges and opportunities will this present? Top leaders in the industry give their perspectives, share their war stories, and make predictions on how real-time demands and their data are shaping business models and technology strategies, and explore what monetization opportunities for real-time data streams are coming.

Data Stream Deep Dives

Hear first-hand battle stories from industry pioneers who are building data-stream-based tech that is already using these innovative architectures. What’s worked, what hasn’t… and why?

Conference Takeaways

For Thought Leaders, Innovators, & Investors

  • Learn how data stream based technologies are driving new business models in the real world.
  • Gain insights and perspectives from industry veterans on new monetization opportunities.

For Software Architects & Developers

  • Learn new software stacks required for today’s emerging data stream tech.
  • Get clarity around buzzwords like serverless computing, cloud, microservices, and containers.
  • Hear from other fellow software architects and developers on lessons learned.