Visualizing Real-time Sensor Streams

1 min read Michael Carroll on Apr 7, 2016
Visualizing real-time sensor streams

Internet of Things is all about building connected devices, applications and services rapidly. Software and hardware engineers are equally involved and, with the right tools, it is easy to build a working prototype in minutes. And this is exactly what we did. We chose our favorite board, the Arduino Uno, and a popular robotics framework, Johnny-Five, and got to work. Johnny-Five makes it easy to work with hardware boards, by allowing you to program in JavaScript. Did we just say use JavaScript to program hardware? Yes, combine this with PubNub’s APIs and you have your IoT prototype ready in minutes.

In this tutorial, Tomomi shows you how to stream sensor values from Arduino, a microcontroller to a live updating dashboard. This way you can monitor and control your devices in real time based on the sensor values. With PubNub’s APIs you can stream the sensor values in real time from anywhere in the world and with EON, you can chart these values on a real time graph. Project EON is an open-source JavaScript framework for charting and mapping, created by PubNub. When everything is Javascript based, it becomes easy for a software developer to explore the world of hardware.

What you waiting for? Go conquer IoT.

PubNub data visualization with Arduino sensor data