Webinar: Building Real-time Apps with Android

1 min read Michael Carroll on May 12, 2015
Building real-time android App

We had great success with last month’s Building Real-time Apps with JavaScript webinar, so we thought, why not do the same thing for one of our other most popular SDKs? We mean you, Android!

Join us on May 19 to learn all things Android and PubNub. In the webinar, we’ll cover tips and tricks on how to get the most out of PubNub’s Java Android SDK, and by the end, you’ll know how to build a real-time app with Android. This webinar will walk through code for building of a simple chat application that utilizes PubNub’s Stream Controller, Presence, Message Persistence, and Mobile Push Notifications features.

Important Information:

  • When: May 19, 2015 / 9:00am – 11:00am PT
  • Where: On the Internet! Register here.

What You’ll Cover:

  • Introduction to PubNub
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Initializing/Configuring the PubNub Java/Android SDK.
  • Publishing Messages and log all sent messages over that channel
  • Initialization/Subscribing to data channels
  • Publishing Messages and log all sent messages over that channel
  • Presence/State detection – Knowing when users enter/leave your app
  • Message Persistence – storing real-time data for future retrieval and playback
  • Configuring/implementing mobile push notifications

Register here, and we hope to see you there!