How Digital Experiences Impact the Virtual Fitness Industry

1 min read Michael Carroll on Feb 15, 2022

The pandemic majorly impacted the fitness industry, as going to the gym or joining an in-person fitness class were no longer options. This shift led to consumers investing more so in at-home gym equipment and online workout classes so that they could continue their daily exercise routines in their preferred fitness environment—creating that same sense of community that an in-person experience provides. 

But now that these online experiences have exploded in popularity, the question is, what can we expect from fitness trends moving forward?

What's next for the virtual fitness industry?

In the latest episode of The PubNub PubCast, FORTË Founder and CEO, Lauren Foundos, talks with PubNub’s COO, Casey Clegg, about how digital experiences are transforming the fitness industry. 

Foundos discusses what she has seen that drives user engagement in these online fitness spaces and what has surprised her the most about the ways that consumers and gyms have reacted to the pandemic. She also talks about how great fitness experiences can be delivered at scale and gives her take on what the future holds for the fitness industry—hint, hint: hybrid! 

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