Infographic: Friendship (and Love) through In-Game Chat

1 min read Eric Grossman on Apr 3, 2020

Players Form Relationships in Games

Whether playing online, or sharing exploits of their latest single-player adventures, players embrace video games as a way to connect with others. Sharing experiences is part of the core appeal of games, and is one reason why they’ve become such a major cultural form. 

It’s no secret that avid gamers spend a lot of time playing their favorite titles. With the major evolution and spread of online play in the last ten years, we wanted to know how far human connections within games have come.

 So, we set out to survey avid gamers about the relationships they’ve formed through gaming. 

The Survey Results

We found some fascinating things, and decided to put the survey results together for easy viewing. Check out the results, compiled into this handy infographic:

Infographic showing how players find relationships through in-game chat.

In general, more players than we expected had forged life-long friendships in games. Some players even found love online, showing that gaming is- and maybe always has been- a deeply social, human experience. In a lot of cases, in-game chat was a major factor in these relationships.

Here's to more games with friends!