Smart Homes: 4 Awesome Home Automation Solutions

3 min read Michael Carroll on Aug 23, 2013

Earlier this week, we rolled out our blog entitled, “ Why Home Automation Needs a Real-time Service Provider,” discussing why a data stream service provider is essential for any home automation solution. The following four home automation solutions offer unique and innovative ways to make your home “smart.” From a learning thermostat, to opening your garage door when your a pre-determined location from home, these home automation solutions connect any device to your home’s brain.

Revolv – With the wireless Revolv Hub and a smartphone, you have the ability to unify all your home’s smart devices under the control of one app. From appliances, to wall outlets and switches, to thermostats, to sound systems, Revolv supports hundreds of today’s smart home devices. The Revolv app allows you to see your home’s current status, activity, and access to on-demand actions. It simply automates with devices, allowing a user to choose actions based on sensors, time, and location. Revolv’s GeoSense lets control your house automatically based on your proximity to or from home. For example, Revolv will automatically turn on your lights or adjust your thermostat based on your pre-determined location. The Revolv Hub is entirely wireless, and simply needs to be connected to your home’s WIFI network.

Revolv home automation

Eragy – Eragy is a cloud-based residential and light commercial energy management for both consumers and businesses. Unlike several of its competitors, Eragy is entirely device agnostic, and can connect to pretty much any automated device in your home, including thermostats, lighting, and security systems. The Eragy app offers notifications of your home’s health and customizable schedules, alerts, and modes that allows you to control your home from anywhere on your mobile phone. Eragy also focuses on reducing energy usage, monitoring your historic, current, and projected energy usage and cost on its web or mobile app dashboard.

Eragy home automation

NestNest, know as the “Learning Thermostat,” learns your schedule and temperature preferences, programs itself, saves energy, and can be controlled from your phone through the Nest app. From Day 1, Nest optimizes itself for your system and starts learning about you from your temperature changes. With Auto-Away, if you forget to turn off the temperature when you leave your home, Nest will do it for you. Nest also comes with a mobile app, so you can change your temperature even if you’re not home. Lastly, Nest Leaf appears when you’re saving energy, guiding you to cut costs one degree at a time.

Nest home automation

Control4Control4 makes your home smart, giving you complete control over all electronic devices including climate control, lighting, security, and communication. For those of you who want to turn their home into a movie theatre or concert hall, Control4 offers home automation solutions for video and audio, all completely customizable. The Control4 4Sight smartphone app turns your smartphone into a universal remote, controlling any device linked up with the Control4 network. Adjust your lights and thermostat, change channels on your TV, and arm your security system, all from your smartphone. And because the app comes with Anywhere Access, you can control your home even when you’re not home.

Control4 home automation

There you have it, four innovative ways to make your home smart. If you’re building your own home automation solution, take a look at our aforementioned blog or click the button below to create your free account. We’ll give you all the code you need to get started with PubNub.

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