ALFREDO: Real-time Collaboration Powered By PubNub

1 min read Michael Carroll on Jun 29, 2017
Real-time collaboration pubnub

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ALFREDO is a web and mobile application that connects users for events and communication. Event information is updated across all connected devices, and a real-time communication feed is available for live updates and commenting. If one friend adds or changes an event, adds an additional invitee, or even comments on a calendar item, ALFREDO pushes that update to everyone.

real-time collaboration

Our Certified Development Partner, Distillery, a web design and development firm based in LA, built the application. To ensure the real-time functionality was rock solid and performant across iOS, web, and other platforms, building out an infrastructure from scratch was not an option. After much consideration, we’re happy to say they chose PubNub!

Here’s why:

There was one clear winner: PubNub. PubNub offers a vast library of resources to the development community and from Distillery’s past experiences with PubNub—which we’ve used on a variety of projects—it was a straightforward decision. Implementing PubNub would allow client devices to implement tried and tested libraries and allow our development team to focus on application-level challenges.