Joe Hanson
Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

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    Meet the newest member of the PubNub team. No, she’s not a programmer, and actually, she isn’t even in high school yet. In fact, she’s an 8 year old competitive skier by the name of Seti Capelli.

    And this weekend at the Far West North Series Ski Cross in Tahoe, Seti channeled her inner PubNub speed, all the way to first place in her age group, and 14th overall. We both can agree: Real-time, real fast.

    PubNub is now officially Seti’s first sponsor, and she’ll be wearing the PubNub logo for races throughout the rest of the season. Seti has been dominating her recent competitions, including a 3rd place finish in her age group on Saturday (17th overall), and a 1st place finish on Sunday (14th overall).

    We’re extremely excited to sponsor Seti and have her join the PubNub team, and we’re looking forward to her future success on the slopes.

    On Friday, our CEO Todd Greene presented Seti with her new, official PubNub gear. Check out the pics below to see our official sponsorship ceremony:

    Seti official sponsorship ceremony

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