Joe Hanson
Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

    Photo sharing applications are no longer just about manipulating and uploading photos to the cloud. The success of Instagram has shown that photo sharing apps need a way for users to interact in realtime, one where users can subscribe to channels and notify other users that they’ve uploaded a new photo.

    The Cloudinary API allows users to upload images to the cloud, manipulate them with different effects and filters, and deliver the images through a CDN. PubNub powers the realtime interaction within the app, allowing users to subscribe to different channels that will send notifications when a photo is uploaded.cloudinary api

    Using the Cloudinary API and PubNub together, you can build a realtime photo sharing application. No complex coding required.

    For a detailed walk through and all the code you need, check out the Cloudinary blog. Additionally, a working demo can be found here.

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