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on Sep 11, 2014
Secure and reliable IoT network connectivity got PubNub on Gigaom's “Developer’s Checklist for Deploying IoT“

GigaomBy now, most of us are aware of the explosion of the Internet of Things, which encompasses a wide range of smart devices. From sensors to wearables, to connected carts to smart homes, it seems like today every electronic device has an IP address.

With such exponential growth, this poses a challenge for Internet of Things app and hardware developers. One of those major challenges is, how on earth are you going to connect and communicate among devices at such a massive scale? And with security, scalability, power and bandwidth consumption, and unreliable networks, how can you ensure your IoT devices stay connected all the time?

The tool’s IoT developers need to deploy and scale the Internet of Things is the topic of Gigaom’s “A developer’s checklist for deploying the internet of things.” A key component of the checklist is Network Concerns, and the PubNub Data Stream Network is pleased to be included as a data stream network for connecting the Internet of Things.

On the topic of IoT network concerns, according the the research note:

Many developers are already leveraging technologies like PubNub’s Data Stream Network to allow devices to talk in real-time with other individual devices via unicast or broadcast messages, and both to and from back-ends. In addition to the speed benefits of using such a network, there are also fantastic security benefits, as devices communicating over PubNub need no ports open on the device, making them completely invisible to and immune from most attack vectors.

Reliable and Secure IoT Network

So why did we make it onto the checklist? We like to consider ourselves a “new kind of network for the Internet of Things.” PubNub delivers reliable and secure connectivity across the globe for IoT connected devices. This means globally scaled birectional signaling for IoT devices.

It’s our goal to solve the 5 major challenges of IoT connectivity. Our CEO Todd Greene discusses these 5 challenges below:

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