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Introducing the PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS, Now in Beta

3 min readStephen Blum on Oct 30, 2019

We're inviting beta users to try out the PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS.

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Bridging the Enterprise to Real-time Ecosystems

Enterprises investing in digital transformation are handling large quantities of distributed data event streams or event-driven microservices through on-premise technologies such as Kafka or NATS. Insights are being acquired faster than ever from the vast quantity of data generated daily across the enterprise. However, what happens when companies want to turn these insights into actionable steps, interfacing these events and insights as they happen with real-time interaction with devices outside of enterprise boundaries? A couple examples include:

Alerts and Notifications

  • Notifying on-duty front-line workers with real-time information
  • Alerts to partners or consumers
  • Response to natural disasters or business disruption

Mobile or Transient Workforce

  • Dispatch requests to mobile or personal driver fleets
  • Scaling up and down easily for holiday or transient workers

Bring Your Own Device Environments (BYOD)

  • Interfacing securely with employee personal devices

PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS

The PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS runs side-by-side with other on-premise enterprise systems and provides a secure and highly available scalable mechanism to hand off designated messages or events to the PubNub Data Stream Network and from there, reach the appropriate destinations, whether employees, partners, or customers, all with low latency. We're inviting beta users to try out the PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS now. Click here to register for the beta. pubnub-kafka-nats-bridge

PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS Use Cases

Mobile Event Notifications

Delivering data event notifications to mobile apps and web-enabled devices requires a list of architectural components and security checks. Events are captured and recorded in a variety of data engines including
and more. In order to get these events out to mobile apps, an architect needs to design a workflow delivery system that includes an Application Server, REST Interface,
, High Availability, Observability and more. Additionally, the development must be coordinated with the security team to open firewall ports and add DNS entries for business owned web properties. Another event-streaming access management system must be designed for controlling which mobile apps receive the intended notifications. This prevents and ensures sensitive event notifications are delivered to the right people. Each of these workflows requires investment in teams focused on developing and maintaining this event-based system which durably streams secure notifications to mobile apps. With the PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS, all these steps are pre-built and ready to use. The PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS makes it easy for your team to easily integrate mobile app event notifications without writing code and opening firewalls. Today, PubNub offers integrations into Kafka and NATS event busses. Our secure bidirectional container makes it easy for your team to send and receive event streams between your corporate infrastructure and your end-user mobile apps.

Team Data Exchange

Sharing event streams between teams requires a broad organization strategy. To securely share streams of events between teams a centralized event bus must be established and maintained. Most teams have specific goals for accomplishing a business objective. This tends to require a specialized selection of tools and services which are not shareable between teams due to the non-homogeneous workload requirements. This is why a broad centralized event system, such as Kafka and NATS, is needed. Granting access to each of these systems requires additional business routing logic and even may not be possible to segment access to specific regions of data. Typically full access is required and may not be ideal for an organization to share data this way. The PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS allows your teams to share specific topics of information between teams. This allows teams to collaborate across the corporate organization with data access audit trails to selectively permission event streams.

Inviting Beta Developers Now

If you are a developer working with Kafka and/or NATS, we invite you to join our beta program for the PubNub Bridge for Kafka/NATS. Beta participants will interact with our product team to provide feedback on product functionality and high priority use cases.

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