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2 min read Stephen Blum on Jan 7, 2011
node js

node js is an exciting and promising new server-side application platform for building apps using JavaScript. However, not everyone knows that node js can be supercharged using PubNub to connect a human audience.

PubNub believes in node js as a powerful app server and that’s why we have created an easy way for you to get started with pub/sub for real-time communication using PubNub with node js. PubNub provides automatic scalability for your node js application. Build your bare-bones publish subscribe connectivity with the PubNub NPM Module Tutorials. Make your Socket.IO scale instantly with Socket.IO Tutorials on PubNub.

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NPM Module

Node NPM Module Install:

It is easy to get started quickly with node js and PubNub using the PubNub NPM Module or Socket.IO API. However if you need more details on getting started, we have provided a series of videos which show you ways to use PubNub with node js including our Socket.IO API and NPM node js Module.

Check out our resources on node js and PubNub. We make it easy for you to get started by providing video tutorials and sample code. Use PubNub + Socket.IO to seemlessly provide scalability in your web and mobile apps. Or start fresh at the bare metal with PubNub NPM Module.


Node JS Resources

NPM PubNub GitHub

Socket.IO GitHub

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